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The Virtual Museum of Printing-Press is a AMI-Associação Museu da Imprensa (The Press Museum Association) project.
We intend to diffuse the sector's history, to show the heritage, to suggest inteneraries, to collect information concerning press and graphic arts museology, and to give/receive news.
From the millenary writings to the nowadays electronic edition, passing by the Gutenberg typography, by lithography, photogravure, rotting printing-press, by through the times free and silenced newspapers, etc, etc., there is a world to be discovered with the new virtual reality.
This world begins with this virtual project and can end in each of the real press and graphic arts museums all over the five continents.
By the Gutenberg's time people sailed on the oceans - by "oceans never ever navigated", as the portuguese poet Luís de Camões wrote; nowadays we virtually navigate all over the world.
This Virtual Museum intends to be a cyberspace with a global participation of institutions and people involved, or people just interested, on press and graphic arts matters.
For all this reasons, all collaboration will be appreciated.
Luís Humberto Marcos

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