- Likely date of birth of Johnannes Genfleisch Gutenberg Maine

1454 - Gutenberg and Fust published the Indulgence Letters of Nicolas V - a 30 lines edition.
Gutenberg and Peter Schoffer published the same Indulgence Letters on a 31 line edition.

1455 (6 Nov.)- Gutenberg finished the printing of the 36 lines Bible; this work was mainly attributed to Gutenberg - first book printed tipographically.
Gutenberg loses the process that opposed him to Fust, having retired his all printing office and printing materials.
1457 (14th August)- Fust and Schoffer had printed the "Psautier of Maine",
this work was the tipographical one with place, date and signature of the printers.

1457/60 - Printing of the Bible with 36 lines, attributed to Gutenberg.  
1457/58 - Printing of the Missal of Constance or special Missal attributed to Gutenberg.  
1460 - Was printed in Mainz "Catholican of Balbi" attributed to Gutenberg, but with no name of the printer. It is about one famous encyclopedia of the Ancian Age.  
1461 - The Edelstein of Ulrich Boner was printed by Albert Pfister, the first German work illustrated with wood engraving.  
1462 - Fust and Schoffer printed the Sacran Latin Bible with colofon and typographical mark.  
1464 - It was installed near Rome (in Subiac Convent) the first Italian Center printing office.  
1467 - John Fell created in Oxford the first printing-office foundation (England).

1468 (3rd February)- Gutenberg die in Mainz.  
1468/69 Nicholas Jenson installed a press-office in Venice.
- The "Sonnets of Petrarca" were printed in a printing-office (in Venice), equipped by the German Jean de Spire, this was one of the most considerated in the 15th century.

1470 - The first French printing-office was installed in Sorbonne - Paris.  
1473 The press was introduced in Hungary
- The printing-office was introduced in Lyon by Guillaume le Roy, who printed a "Compendium Brief" of the Cardinal Lothaire.
1474 - In Polland, Cracovie, was introduced the printing-office.  
1475 - William Caxton printed in Bruges the first printed English work - "The Recuyell of the Histories of Troy".

1476 - William Caxton installed in Westminster the first press-office of England.
- In Toulouse was introduced the press-office.
1477 - In Florence was published the first illustrated book on "taille douce".
- In Venice was published the first bilingual dictionary.
1478/80 - Introduction of the Press in Geneve.
- Introduction of the Press in Poitiers.
1479 - The Pope Sixte 4th gave order to Koln University to heretic books
be censured.
1480 - Introduction of the first Press in Anvers.  
1481 - William Caxton printed in London the first illustrated book: Mirror of the World  
1485 - Introduction of the Press in Ruven by Guillaume le Talleur.
- Publication of the "Dance Macabre", in Paris, by Guyot Marchant.

1486 - The first almanac appears in France.  
1487 - A printed book was published in Faro (Portugal): Pentatenco in hebraic, of the jew Samuel Gacon.  
1497 - On the 4th January was published in Oporto (Portugal), the first book totally made in Portuguese - "Constitutions done by D. Diogo de Sousa, Bishop of Oporto". This book was printed by the first Portuguese printer: Rodrigo Álvares.