Álvares, Rodrigo - He is considered the first Portuguese printer. He was born in Vila Real and began his activity as a printer and editor in Oporto in 1497. As an assistant to the bishop D. Diogo de Sousa, he only printed two works: "As Constituições Sinodais" written by D.Diogo de Sousa, and "Evangelhos e Epístulas", both printed in 1497. It is still unknown the place where Rodrigo Álvares learned his skill. Some say that he learned with Paulo Hurns (a German printer) in Zaragosa, others say that he learned it in Gherline´s printing-shop in Salamanca (Spain) or Braga (Portugal).

Anvers, Lourenço de (1641-1677) - Printer of "Gazeta em que se relatam as novas todas…" (Lisbon,1641) the first Portuguese periodical-newspaper publication.
Baskerville, John (1706-1775) - English printer, born in Wolverly. He became well-known when he him self melted and printed himself the characters he used. He also invented a new kind of printing paper, "papel vitela" (veal paper).
Bodoni, Giambattista (1740-1813) - Born in Saluzzo, Italy, he was the most important printer of the 18th century. In his printing-shop, in Parma, he printed many books and excellent editions especially for the king of Spain.
Bullock, William - William Bullock, an American attentive to the last development of the printing arts, built for the first time, in Philadelphia, in 1865 a cylindrical rotary printing press of continuous paper.