Elzevir (or Elzevier) - Name of a famous Dutch printer family, who were Jewish and lived in many different cities of Europe in the 16th and 17th century. They became famous for the printing-types with this name.

Enschedé, Isaac - He founded in 1703 in Harlem (Holand) an enterprise with his name he became famous because of the bank-note impression. He printed the most ancient newspaper of the world, the "Oprechte Haarlemache Coutranr". His melting shop, with more than two centuries, became one of the most famous of all Europe.

Estienne (or Etienne), Henri (1460-1520) - He was the first of a numerous family of printers and French humanists. He became famous with the work "Quintuplex Psaltérium" published in 1508.
His son Robert (1503-1559) among his successors is the most famous one. He printed works in Hebraic, Greek, Latin and a dozen of bible editions. He is considered the father of the French lexicography. To pay tribute to this family it was criated a printing school in Paris in 1889.

Fernandes, Valentim ( ?-1519?) - From Germanic origin (Moravia), he lived in Portugal since 1495. In Lisbon he worked as a printer with some partners like Nicolau de Saxonia, João Pedro de Cremona (or Buonhomini), Herman of Kempos, or Nicolau Gazini of Piomonte. In 1495 he printed with Nicolau de Saxonia the book "Vita Christi" written by Ludolfo de Saxonia. We presume that, after his death in 1518 or 1519, his printing material was sold to the french printer Germão Galharde (Germain Gaillard).
Foucher, Louis Leon - To this French man we attribute the invention of the machine"Foucher", a melting founding type machine. His successors improved the capacities of the main machine surpassing some of the most ancient marks (Kusterman, Johnson, Atkinson and Wicks), because of this many typographies kept it for a long time.
Fournier, Pierre Simon(1712-1768) - He was a French printer and engraver, he created the mark and the typographic scale in 1737. He invented the Typometer in 1742.