Koenig, Frederick (1774-1833) - He was the introducer of the mechanism in the press in 1811, through the invention of vapour energy and the cylindrical rotary movement.
Koenig was born in Germany. He did not finish his studies and he dedicated himself to the printing and composing arts.

Lanston, Tolbert - He is an American that conceived a mechanic-composing machine in 1896. This machine called "Monotype" consists in a founder and a keyboard separatedly.
Lorilleux, Pierre (1788-1865) - He was a printer who worked in 1818 in the Royal French Press. He fabricated ink in a more rational form; afterwards he sold it to the printers. This was not easily accepted. In 1824 with the permission of the royalty he built what we now call the most ancient ink industry. Until this date the printers themselves produced their own inks, almost in black.