Manúcio (O Velho), Aldo (1448-1515) - A famous Italian printer, he was born in Bossano. He invented the "Italian Cursive" to Vergilio´s work printed in 1501.


Mergenthaler, Otamar (1854-1899) - As a German inventor, he went to the U.S.A. in 1872 and invented a composing mechanic machine called "Linotype". The main objective of this machine consists in joining with the help of a keyboard not separate types but a line of types.

Marinoni, Hippolyte (1823- 1904) - He was born in Italy and worked as a technician and typographer in France. In 1847- 48 he built the first reactive machine for the press, one of the first rotary machines presented in the "French Universal Exhibition".